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Prime Minister Award for Excellence in Public Administration

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Prime Minister Award for Excellence in Public Administration

The Child Tracking System designed for Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority Image removed.(OPEPA), has received the Prime Minister's Award for excellence in Public Administration for the year 2006-2007. The award was conferred by the Prime Minister, Dr. 

Manmohan Singh at a function on the occasion of Civil Service Day.

The Project e-Sishu’s underlying application CTS has been developed to track the educational and socio economic status of around 1.2 crore children between 0 to 14 years of age group in Odisha and to provide them right & free elementary education.

The primary purpose was to ensure accountability at the grass root level of educational staff and monitoring the same at the block & district on the achievements of enrollment.

This Village wise database of children also helped in identifying the requirement of schools and closing down which were running with very low enrollment.

Massive operation was initiated in 2 October 2005 which included door to door survey, converting the information sheets to codes, digitizing all house hold data to extract Children by name.

Network of all District educational offices and connecting the same to the state of the art data center facility at OPEPA Bhubaneswar office along with the software to track any child by village, by school, by class by guardian name or by the unique code.

Being a part of Project e-Sishu of OPEPA, it gives focus towards Universalisation of Elementary Education (UEE) in Odisha. Each child has been provided with unique child code to track their status.

This project also earns the recognition of the fastest e-Governance implementation on the same scale in the entire country. The system was developed by Odisha Computer Application Center (OCAC), the IT Directorate through its software partner M/S CSM Technologies, Bhubaneswar; managed by the Management Information System (MIS) unit of OPEPA. 

Shri Deoranjan Kumar Singh, State Project Director of OPEPA has received the award along with the medal from the Hon’ble Prime Minister.