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ICT Promotion

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ICT Promotion

Overview of ICT Promotion and Facilitation

One of the core activities of the Department of IT is to develop a promotional and awareness strategy for the ICT sector by identifying the strength of Odisha and initiatives taken by the Govt of Odisha to provide the best infrastructure and support to ensure the big industries in the IT, ITES and ESDM sectors to chose Odisha as the ultimate destination to invest.

The main functions:  

  • Promotion of the initiatives taken by the Government of Odisha.
  • Promoting and facilitating existing ICT industries established at Odisha.
  • Conducting awareness campaigns for various stakeholders i.e. other departments, Industries, Institutions and Universities.
  • Implementation of the ICT policy.
  • Helping in recommending IDCO for allotment of land to IT/ITES sectors.
  • Conducting and organising various ICT workshops, events and seminars in Odisha
  • Facilitating industries to participate in various ICT events outside Odisha to promote their business.
  • Address the requirement of information seeked by departments and legislative body about various issues of promotion in the State.