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Policy Formulation

Formulation and Implementation of Policies, Guidelines and Roadmaps

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are rapidly transforming the quality of administration and hence changing people’s lives. Its successful implementation is expected to ensure better governmental performance by reducing corruption, increasing efficiency and creating a responsive and transparent administrative environment. ICT enables a radical change in structures of organisations and means of learning, researching, developing, producing, marketing, distributing and servicing digital and traditional goods and services. It also has a great potential to enhance the quality of life.

In respond to the possibilities of improving administrative functions by introducing e-Governance at different levels of the administration and for promotion of ICT industries, Department of Information Technology, Government of Odisha has formulated and implemented following policies, guidelines and roadmaps:

1. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy 2014

2. Strategic roadmap for development of ESDM sector in Odisha.

3. Implementation of Guidelines for Government Website for standardization.

4. Guidelines for procurement of hardware and system software.