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Service Delivery Platform

Service Delivery Platform


M-Governance or Mobile Governance involves the utilization of all kinds of wireless and mobile technology services, applications and devices for Governance. M-Governance, initiated by Odisha State Government, has started with the aim to utilize the strengths of Mobile penetration in the State using the concept of "always-on" connection for the delivery of government services to common people. And there by offers various government department services through mobile phones accessible to the citizens in the field, in the street, at home or other convenient locations on a 24 X 7 basis, rather than the users having to visit government offices or log on to the internet portals to access services.
The vision of m-governance project is to build or showcase solutions and applications which will be benchmarks in M-governance services across the world.

The three channels of mobile communication (Voice, Signalling and Data) and a wide range of technologies (Voice Applications, Applications using signalling channel and data service based Applications) are being used for this purpose. The Common Mobile Service Delivery Platform can be leveraged by departments for m-powering their services which include setting up of services for SMS, MMS, USSD, Voice and IVR platform (a stack of hardware and software). The focus is to build a centralized platform into which the services/solutions for each and every Department can be integrated.

M-governance objectives:

M-Governance involves the utilization of all kinds of wireless and mobile technology services, applications and devices for improving benefits for citizens, businesses and all Government departments.

M-Governance implementation:

  • SMS system for e-District, Municipality, Odisha Public Service Commission, SAMS
  • Mobile e- Governance for Secretariat Pass for Home Department
  • Mobile e- Governance for Transport Department
  • Mobile e- Governance for Public Distribution System
  • Mobile e- Governance for Odisha Commercial Tax
  • Mobile e- Governance for Education Department
  • Mobile e- Governance for Department of Energy 

State Portal

The State portal will act as front end interface to State level e-Governance initiatives and services. The portal will provide information about Government departments, line ministries, and web links of these departments. It will provide information about Government structure in the state, service offerings and key notifications to the business and citizen community. The portal will be multilingual and can be accessed via a variety of established channels, including Individual users (through PCs), Common Service Centres, Government Service delivery counters, mobile phones etc.

State Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG)

One of the goals of the State Government is to cooperate, collaborate and integrate information across different departments in the State. To simplify the above task, the concept of e-Governance Service Delivery Gateways has been conceptualized that will act as standards-based messaging switches and provide seamless interoperability and exchange of data across the departments. SSDG will :

  • Act as hub for all the interactions between service seekers (the citizen and businesses) and various service providers (Government Departments) and even among Government Departments.
  • Handle large number of transactions across the entire network; provide a common set of specifications and a single point access.
  • Provide seamless interoperability and exchange of data across the departments.
  • Facilitate synchronization and co-ordination of inter departmental working, tracking all transactions of the Government etc.
  • Be a messaging middleware between State Portal (acting as service access provider (SAP)) and State Department Services (State Department acting as Service Provider)

Industry Facilitation and IT Promotion Cell

Industry Facilitation and IT Promotion Cell of OCAC under the administrative control of Department of Information Technology, registers and administers the incentive schemes for the eligible IT units.

The aim of the scheme is to put in place a package of incentives, which will make Odisha one of the most attractive destinations to invest in ESDM/IT/ITES sector in the country. The activities envisaged in the cell include disbursement of incentives to eligible ICT units, administer as per the ICT policy 2014.

Sanjog Helpline – Help Desk Management System

Sanjog Helpline an integrated call centre is a single window IT enabled facility of Government that act as an intermediate between citizens and Government to interact effectively through telephone. Envisaged as a government-to-citizen (G2C) interface, the Call Centre enables the quick delivery of critical information, which is otherwise either inaccessible or difficult for the citizens to trace. The relevance of a Government/Public Call Centre is more important in the context of increased focus on e-Governance and with the implementation of the Right to Information Act 2005.

CCC is providing all the services in a 24x7 fashion and working on all calendar days except national holidays. The calls are being answered by a team of Call Centre Executives, who are highly experienced and skilled professionals.

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